Stay Safe with Safe Entry. Be empowered by mobility and save time as well as resources to track, record and manage information of all visitors who enter your organisation’s premises with WSTS.

  • Perfect for use in construction sites or building compounds to track, manage and monitor employees & visitors effectively
  • Improve security by identifying who is in the premises quickly and accurately
  • Pre-registered, pre-approved or ad-hoc visitor tracking, verification and data entry
  • Temperature screening before SafeEntry
  • NRIC barcode scanning for SafeEntry
  • Additional visitor information such as, Date/Time stamp, Temperature, Location, contact name and number can be collected for better management of visitors
  • Seamless integration to SafeEntry using 4G, wifi or bluetooth
  • Encrypted mobile data for DPP
  • Windows Application license for management and reporting of Visitor Data
  • Mobile Application license with each Cilico C6T terminal purchased


Workplace Safe Entry Tracking System

Safe Entry User Interface

Tabulated Information

Convenient Charging Cradle

Desktop Software



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