The Retail Industry can greatly benefit with the implementation of RFID systems. RFID is being used to increase work efficiency and boost sales, job satisfaction, and customer service levels. RFID tags are attached to merchandises to allow tracking and faster inventory counts.

Better Security
Shoplifting has been always a big concern for retail store owners. However, RFID gates can be placed at the exits of the stores to scan for products that has not been payed. An alarm would sound if there is a unpaid items were to went through the gates.
Unique Tracking
RFID tags contain a microchip or other storage device that can contain a large amount of information. This allows you to place individual identifiers on products such as location, status, serial no. and more.
Faster Scan Times
Eliminates the effort of scanning each item in a box with a traditional method of using a barcode scanner. A RFID Scanner can be used to scan all items in a box within seconds. This improves efficiency and reduces the time taken when scanning merchandise.
Better Inventory Management
RFID system can be implemented to keep inventory counts on products. This allows retailers to be aware of products that are on low quantities and replenish them as soon as possible. With product being replenished more effectively, customers are not left waiting for help finding what they are looking for.

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