In the Medical Industry, it is important to track medical equipment as hospital staffs need to locate it fast. This is to enhance the patient’s safety where the situation is urgent. Medical errors are quite common in the industry and it could potentially lead to injury or death.

An RFID system can be implemented to solve these problems. Tags can be attached to medical assets to track their location. Patients can be equipped with RFID wristband containing information of the patient’s medical records to prevent errors.

Real-Time Location
In the hospital or practice setting, a properly deployed combination of onboard RFID and readers significantly reduces the risk of equipment or medicines being misplaced.
Patient's Safety
Wrist bands utilizing RFID chips enhance safety via point-of-care scanning which facilitates retrieval of a patient’s medication and meal scheduling, prescribed medicines and the patient’s medical history. RFID bracelets connects newborn infants with their parents and helps medical personnel to monitor the infant’s safety.
Quality Control
Quality Control is important to better serve the patient and medical facility. The correct medication must be administrated at the given dosage, So RFID tags can provide medical personal the information needed to make the right choices.
Tracking Personnel
RFID tags can be deployed to patients and staffs to track their movement. This is vital as personnel may come into contact with patients with a potentially contagious infection. RFID tag scanner would then identify the personnel who needs to be screened.

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