With today?s demand for leaner and faster supply chains, conventional manual based systems are too labour intensive, time consuming and error-prone. Logistics industries such as Walmart make use of RFID solution to maximize the visibility of their Supply Chains.

RFID works wirelessly, so you can point a scanner at a box of items and register each one without having to take them out first. With a RFID system, accurate real time data that allows businesses to operate more efficiently and reduce labour costs.

Faster Scan Times
Eliminates the effort of scanning each item in a box with a traditional method of using a barcode scanner. A RFID Scanner can be used to scan all items in a box within seconds. This improves efficiency and reduces the time taken when scanning assets.
Unique Tracking
RFID tags contain a microchip or other storage device that can contain a large amount of information. This allows you to place individual identifiers on products such as location, status, serial no. and more.
Real-Time Updates
Since RFID is able to manage and scan inventory much faster, it can be integrated with real-time inventory management systems. RFID scanners can be built into the entrances of warehouses to provide instant update when crates leave and enter to the company network.
Decrease Human Error
Believe it or not, human error is one of the biggest problems
when recording or processing logistic data. With RFID, the
resulting information is much more trustworthy and useful for a
warehouse management system or an enterprise resource
planning system.

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