In the Jewelry Industry, inventory management is vital as their assets are very costly. These retailers conduct time consuming manual inventory counts on a frequent basis.

RFID System has been implemented to help solve this problems. RFID tags as small as the jewelry themselves are attached with one another. Then a RFID scanner is used to scan multiple tags in span of a few seconds.

Faster Scan Times
Much faster as compared to the barcode alternative where you required to individually scan them. With a RFID scanners and tags, it takes a few seconds to scan the whole batch of jewelries.
Inventory Location
Since each tags are unique and is attached to the jewelry. The RFID Scanner is able to trace a specific RFID tag if needed. This reduces greatly the time taken to locate a specific jewelry.
Inventory Awareness
Jewelry inventory is easier to manage with a RFID system in place. With a RFID system in place you can easily check if a certain product is low on supply. This can help prevent jewelry from going out of stock.
Decrease Human Error
With a more accurate and fast scanning process, the probability of human errors are decreased significantly.

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