The DOTR-900 RFID reader allows easy, fast and convenient transfer of its collected data to a variety of devices. Being an UHF RFID reader, this device can spot RFID tags up to 6 m away and is more than suitable for package, pallet and container identification.
Used for:
  • Inventory Management
  • Retail
  • Healthcare

Long Battery-Life

The DOTR-900 has a long battery life which allow the scanner to continuously scan tags over to 10,000 times per charge


Can work with WinCE5.0, Windows Mobile 6.5 and iOS Base / iOS based Smartphone or PDAs (Bluetooth featured).

Free Development software

Free software development kit provided


DOTR-900 RFID Reader

DOTR-900 / 900i uses Bluetooth (V1.2 Class / 4.0 BLE) technology to upload tags ID to Bluetooth based computers/
PDAs in a real-time mode.

Frequency: 865~868MHz, 917~923.5MHz, 902~928MHz

Channel occupation method: Frequency Hopping, LBT

Antenna gain: 1dBi

Modulation method(Forward): PR-ASK, Tari 25usec (PIE coding)

Modulation method(Reverse): back-scatter(ASK), link frequency 250KHz, Miller 4

Interface: USB 1.1 compatible, UART

Bluetooth: Bluetooth V1.2, Class II (DOTR-900) / Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (DOTR-900i)

Battery: 2,350mAh

Key: Power key, Scan Key


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