Govt gives $1m to wireless tag projects

NUH nurses now count the pieces of gauze used for operations manually. — ST PHOTO: AZIZ HUSSIN
  • National University Hospital: Tagging surgical gauze in the operating theatre to ensure none is left inside a patient.
  • SMRT Corp: Using RFID tags to create a self-service warehouse where staff can self-check out vehicle parts.
  • Tan Chong AutoClinic: The Nissan car distributor will use tags to ensure the right car is delivered to a customer.
  • Kim Hiap Lee: The firm, which hires out wooden pallets, will use the tags to reduce errors in counting returned stock as well as track its products.
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SGH Pharmacy uses RFID technology

On the conveyor belts running behind the dispensing counters of Singapore General Hospital’s (SGH) renovated Outpatient Pharmacy are baskets of packed prescription medications. The pharmacist just needs to turn around, pick up the baskets, and is assured that they will contain the right medications ready for dispensing to the patient.

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